Why are we giving these glasses

away for free?

Why are we giving Autistic Sensory Overload Glasses away for FREE instead of making a fortune off of them?

The Financial Story of
A Typical Autistic Family

"I had less of a reaction to stress and haven't had any blow ups the last 4 days since I started using these. Less anger and less yelling. Being affected by loud noises especially on the 4th [of July] is a big thing for me. I don't normally deal with fireworks too well. The loud surprise noises get to me. I was not bothered by it and I am actually kind of shocked."

-Kurt, Tester

Business books

We seek to alleviate the financial burden on the Autistic families who need these glasses. We never want someone to be denied access to these glasses because of lack of funding.

We know how expensive it is to have an Autistic loved one. Between paying for insurance, Occupational Therapy, ABA therapy, Speech Therapy, Sensory toys, specialty food items, sensory blankets and soft clothing.... to all the other necessary therapies for their Autistic loved one... it is already extremely expensive to have an Autistic family member. In addition, usually one of the two parents quits their job to become a full-time parent and caregiver to their Autistic loved one. This means total household income is cut in half, and the additional costs of therapies and gas to go to all these therapies pile on and on and on. 

In addition, all government funding assistance for the Autistic individual ends once they turn 18. 

"She wore them for 6 hours and she did not get a very bad headache today like she normally does... she noticed that her daily headaches were pretty much gone and she was able to sleep better at night. She said she didn't notice as many noises throughout the time she wore the glasses, and the noises she did hear were a lot more tolerable. She did not get frustrated while playing games."

-Charlotte, Mother of Tester

Playing Video Games


There's an 85% Unemployment 

Rate in Autistic Adults?

There is an 85% unemployment rate among Autistic adults. Employers are not likely to hire Autistic individuals, and those who are hired have an extremely hard time in high sensory work environments. Other workers may not understand the needs or communication style of the Autistic person, therefore, even if an Autistic person is hired at a job, they may not stay long. If they do, every single day can seem like a barrage on their senses and they may have a very challenging time there. 

We have great hope these glasses might help the Autistic professional acclimate in the high sensory work environment so that they will be able to thrive in professional setting. We long to see the day that the Autistic community's gifts, talents, and abilities can finally be shared with the world.

Training a Puppy

"I was calmer overall, similar effect to other sensory anchors like weighted blankets, headphones. Less distractions. More fulfillment and satisfaction from completing tasks." 

-Devon, Tester


We refuse to sell these glasses

We will not charge the Autistic community to get a pair of glasses.

We will not charge a shipping or handling fee. 

There will be zero fees for the Autistic community.

We refuse to sell these Autistic Sensory Overload Glasses to the Autistic community.


We are taking on the additional challenge of financing this entire operation through fundraising so that the Autistic community is not financially burdened. We do not want the Autistic community to worry about paying for yet another therapy.

There have been many, many people who have tried to convince us otherwise but this is how we've chosen to get these glasses made and delivered to the Autistic community. 

Help us get these glasses made. Help us get these into the hands of every single person in the world with Autism.