Why we are engineering glasses

with a cosmetically clear lens

Some Autistic individuals feel that sharing their Autism diagnosis is a very personal matter. Some of them would prefer to simply share or reveal their Autistic condition only when they want to with whoever they want to. 


If an Autistic person was wearing colored glasses, the glasses would automatically make them stand out in a crowd… even more than they already do. 


Since the majority of Autistic people will answer questions in a literal and honest manner, they are extremely likely to respond to the impromptu questions from strangers inquiring about the glasses by sharing their Autistic condition for the purpose of completing the question & answer loop cycle. Even if the Autistic individual didn’t actually want to share their diagnosis with a stranger, some of them may share this personal detail about themselves anyway. 


Clear lens glasses would look like prescription glasses and would not invite as many questions. We wanted to go out of our way to make sure these glasses are made with a clear lens. 

Our current prototypes are only 70% as effective as they could be. We will be making them 100% as effective as possible.


This is an extremely challenging optical engineering feat. Since a combination of multiple parts of the visible light spectrum are being filtered, the lenses will naturally be colored. We searched everywhere in the United States and Canada to find an optical engineer that could develop lenses with the specifications we need, while maintaining a cosmetically clear appearance of the lenses. 


Of all the scientists, engineers, and university professors we consulted, we only found 1 optical scientist who could manufacture the lenses the way we need them to be created.


Once we fundraise enough for his labor, we will make sure we book up this optical scientist’s calendar so that we could start the development ASAP. Once the lenses are properly manufactured, then we will move forward with clinical trials. We don't want to spend $1M on clinical trials and in-depth testing yet until the actual glasses that are 100% effective are complete. That would be a waste of donor dollars to spend $1M on something that would need to be redone again.


This project is too important to delay for another second. 


Please assist us in helping the Lost Autistic Kids of the COVID-19 Pandemic by donating and sharing our campaign.