Examples of Similar Glasses

Doing Awesome Stuff for Their Wearers

Here are some examples of glasses that have already been proven to create life changing results for the audiences they serve in ways that do not affect the Visual, Image-Forming Tract in the brain.

Colorblind Glasses that Help Colorblind People See Color

 Enchroma is a company that has invented glasses that have helped color blind people see color. The emotional reactions of people seeing color for the first time in their lives have caused quite a stir on the internet. You may have seen a few "try not to cry" challenges pop up in your suggested video feeds. 

Migraine Relief Glasses that Help People Experience Fewer Headaches

Migraine sufferers finally have an easy solution. They simply wear a pair of glasses and they experience less headaches. 

The University of Utah has completed multiple clinical trials that have proven the correlation between wearing the glasses and a reduction of migraines in the testers.