Chief Science Officer

Position Description:

Autistalline’s Chief Science Officer is a Neuro-Optometrist, Neuro-Ophthalmologist, or any scientist with extensive knowledge about the visual pathway. He or she should be seeking to accelerate research related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Chief Science Officer (CSO) should be able to design and implement research experiments, be able to develop and publish peer reviewed scientific publications, present research findings to the medical community, and translate the findings into non-invasive therapy devices for the autistic community and other communities.


The ideal CSO candidate should have an innovative mindset and a strong research and experimentation background. The CSO should be able to run the experiments necessary to confirm or disprove any scientific hypotheses and theories the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) presents, and be comfortable with presenting the conclusions to various types of audiences, as needed.


If the CSO is not based in Western Montana near Autistalline Headquarters in Hamilton, MT, the CSO should have access to a suitable lab in close proximity to run experiments, interview and hire a science team, and follow the scientific experimentation and peer review protocols necessary to establish a medical fact and paradigm shift.

This position is 98% remote / virtual, and open to all english-speaking, qualified candidates in the world. USA based candidates are preferred, but all qualified candidates will be considered. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Research the Visual Processes taking place in the autistic brain when Autistalline Glasses are worn to explain how and why our product works

  • Run clinical trials and coordinate peer review

  • Research the electromagnetic spectrum's affect on the biochemical processes related to neurological behavior and autonomic response in both the autistic and non-autistic brain

  • Publish findings in peer reviewed scientific publications

  • Use the findings to develop additional types of glasses lenses to alleviate symptoms of other medical conditions 

Other Responsibilities:

  • Test the Autistalline Glasses for compliance with FDA policies

  • Remain up to date with the latest research in autism

  • Travel to and attend autism related conferences on behalf of the company as needed

  • Project management, including development of scientific work plans, providing strategic guidance to the science team, seeking out review labs to validate findings, and writing a peer-reviewed scientific publication in a medical journal

  • Overseeing the science team, including interviewing candidates, and selecting hires

  • Typing up quarterly reports, attending the Board meetings (virtually for 3 quarters, 1 in person), presenting your progress and findings



  • At least 1 postgraduate degree in any relevant medical science field

  • Research experience in Optometry or Ophthalmology AND Neuroscience, Neurology or Neurobiology

  • Research experience in or highly condensed knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Some experience with Optics

  • Strong project management skills including budget creation 

  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work closely with the science team, engineers, designers, industry leaders, partner organizations, the CEO, and the Board of Directors

  • Understanding of basic FDA, FTC and other regulatory agency policies about medical devices is a plus but not a requirement

  • Willingness to implement all advisement from the Legal Department

  • A compassionate disposition


The Chief Science Officer will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer and be overseen by the Board of Directors and legal department.


This position is 98% remote/ virtual, and open to all english-speaking, qualified candidates worldwide. Proximity to a suitable lab of your preference is more important than proximity to Autistalline Headquarters in Hamilton, MT.

To Apply:

Please email a cover letter, resume, and any links of scientific works to

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