What Causes Autism?

One of the most frustrating things you experience on a daily basis is not knowing what stimulus could trigger a spontaneous meltdown.


It could happen anywhere.


One small sensation is all it takes to open the floodgates. It could be a smell, a thought, an emotion, or sound, and suddenly.... your heart races, you begin sweating, and you lose control. You’re experiencing every emotion at once, your brain is on fire and you can't focus. You can't make sense of what you hear or see. You can't breathe, and worse yet... you can't stop the tears.


When it's over, you're embarrassed and exhausted.


You hate not being in control of your body.


You wish there was a way to stop meltdowns.


We're here to help.


Although we cannot eliminate your meltdowns completely,

we invented the next best thing.


A tool that gives you control over your autistic meltdowns.


You decide when and where you have a meltdown

...IF you even choose to have a meltdown at all.


This tool is called Autistalline glasses.


Yes, a simple pair of glasses.


Current prototype testers and neurologists say, "Yes, they do work".


Autistalline glasses may give the illusion of "simplicity”, but don’t be fooled… how they work is quite complicated. 


When worn, Autistalline glasses trick the autistic brain into processing all information, regardless of the source. (Auditory, visual, tactile or emotional). As a result, you will experience calmness and maintain control of your body. Even in high sensory situations. You no longer need to avoid your most common meltdown triggering situations.


There is no time limit for how long Autistalline glasses can be worn.


Autistalline has colorless lenses, so you can be as discrete about disclosing your autism diagnosis as you want to be.


Since Autistalline glasses look like innocuous vision glasses, no one will suspect you're using your glasses to inhibit meltdowns! Not your employer, and not some stranger on the street.


Finally, you can exercise your right to keep your personal diagnosis, personal.


Over the next 2 years, we will be running multiple clinical trials, seeking peer review and FDA clearance before we launch. 


We are working hard to bring you the most powerful and effective autism therapy device ever invented, so you'll never have an unplanned meltdown again


In the meantime, do you have questions for us?


Do you want to give us suggestions? 


Would you like to volunteer to test our glasses? 


Contact us. 


We will always make time to listen to the Actually Autistic community.




We donate 10% of our profits to ministry and disadvantaged groups within society

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