About the people behind the 

Autistalline glasses & why we took the hard route

We know how expensive it is to have an Autistic loved one. Between paying for insurance, Occupational Therapy, ABA therapy, Speech Therapy, Sensory toys, specialty food items, sensory blankets and soft clothing.... to all the other necessary therapies for their Autistic loved one... it is extremely expensive to have an Autistic family member. In addition, usually one of the two parents quits their job to become a full-time parent and caregiver to their Autistic loved one. This means total household income is cut in half, and the additional costs of therapies and gas to go to all these therapies pile on and on and on.


We want to alleviate this financial burden on the Autistic community and their families. 


We want Autistic families to have access to these glasses regardless of whether or not they can pay for them. That is why we are putting the enormous burden on ourselves to not only to develop and manufacture these Autistic Sensory Overload Glasses, but also, to additionally fundraise outside of the Autistic community to get these glasses made and distributed to everyone in the world with Autism FOR FREE.


Ultimately we would love to become a free resource with multiple therapies, inventions, and supplies that we could give away for free to the Autistic community, but for now, the most important thing is to manufacture these glasses and get them created before the world goes into lock down again. Though you may not have heard about the 11 year old Autistic boy in Utah who was shot 13 times for having a meltdown during the pandemic, or the less publicized stories of how challenging the pandemic shut downs have been on the Autistic community, it doesn't mean they weren't suffering. Their needs were overshadowed by politics and the pandemic, but they WERE silently suffering.


Our goal is to raise as much funding as we can to get these glasses made before factories shut down, before cargo ships get lost at sea, and the whole world goes into shut down again. 

One day we would love to see Autistalline glasses everywhere: in hospitals, in schools, in education centers, and in community centers.


The Autistic Community NEEDS these glasses NOW. ASAP. 


Help us get these glasses made. Help us get these glasses into the hands of the Lost Autistic Kids of the COVID-19 Pandemic.