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Help Us Make Autistic Sensory Overload Glasses & Give Them Away For Free To Everyone In The World With Autism

Hi there 👋 We're a non-profit organization that is
Autistic Sensory Overload Glasses.
Our mission is to give them away for FREE to
everyone in the world with Autism

The Science Behind
Non-conscious Behaviour

It seems so simple... a pair of glasses....

Yet, how could a simple pair of glasses produce such positively profound reactions in an Autistic person in a manner that has nothing to do with vision or light sensitivity?

Though the connection between eyeglasses and Autism sensory overload can seem unrelated at first glance, we've already seen scientific evidence of eyeglasses affecting human behavior in ways that have nothing to do with vision.

We've all cried watching viral videos of colorblind people putting on glasses that allow them to see color for the first time. 😭 Clinical trials have proven specialty glasses will reduce the number of headaches in chronic migraine sufferers, and published studies have proven anti-PTSD glasses have helped numerous veterans overcome their anxiety simply by wearing glasses.


We have created glasses that Autistic people really love to wear because of the way the glasses make them feel (happy!) Many, many executives, experts, potential investors, and corporate leaders have tried to convince us to charge hundreds of dollars for these glasses, but we've firmly stood our ground and said no. We want to give them away for free to everyone in the world with Autism. Period.

Those of us here at Autistalline know the technology we have is worth billions, however, we really just want the Autistic community to have them. It is our dream to see the Autistic community thrive and to be given as many opportunities as possible in life because unfortunately, our world doesn't have a history of being kind to those who are different. 

There are approximately 75,000,000 people in the world with Autism in 2022. There are approximately 5,500,000 adults in the United States with Autism. Our current goal is to give away our first 1,000,000 pair of glasses for free to the first million people on our waiting list!



to give away the first 1 million (1,000,000) glasses

Our gift to the 

Autistic Community

We know how expensive it is to have an Autistic loved one. Paying for insurance, Occupational Therapy, ABA therapy, Speech Therapy, sensory toys, specialty food items, sensory blankets, soft clothing, and all the other necessary therapies for their Autistic loved one... it is extremely expensive to have an Autistic family member. In addition, usually one of the two parents quits their job to become a full-time parent and caregiver to their Autistic loved one. This means total household income is cut in half, there are additional costs of therapies and no one thinks about the cost of the gas go to all these therapies multiple times a week. These costs add up and since employers are not hiring Autistic adults, there is an 85% unemployment rate among the Autistic community.

We want to alleviate the financial burden on the Autistic community and their families.

We want Autistic families to have access to these glasses regardless of whether or not they can pay for them. That is why we are putting the enormous burden on ourselves to not only to develop and manufacture these Autistic Sensory Overload Glasses, but also, we are going out of our way to fundraise outside of the Autistic community to ensure the financial burden of finding a solution is not placed on the community that is very financially strained.


Ultimately, we would love to become a free resource with multiple therapies, inventions, and supplies that we could give away for free to the Autistic community, but for now, the most important thing is to manufacture these glasses and get them created before the world goes into lock down again. Though you may not have heard about the multiple meltdowns during the lockdown, how they weren't able to attend their therapies, and how their routines were disrupted, it doesn't mean they weren't suffering. The Autistic community's needs were grossly overshadowed by politics and the pandemic, but they WERE silently suffering.


DONATE 1,000,000,000 GLASSES IN 2023



“Yesterday evening he got four stitches on his lip and I was prepared for the sensory issues to kick in and frustrations, but he’s been laughing the whole day! He is better focused on what he’s doing and not bothered by the downtown traffic noises. He isn’t snacking as much and likes the taste of our water. He didn’t want to take them off today. His girlfriend noticed he was happier and more eager to do different things without having an issue transitioning from one activity to another. Michael was smiling all evening. When I asked for the glasses back he didn’t want to give them up.” Charlotte R., Mother of Michael

Charlotte R., Mother of Michael



Be part of this world-changing dream. Help us to freely give compassion, kindness, happiness and joy to individuals with Autism all over the world.... no strings attached

Thank you for your patience, compassion and dedication to caring for the Autistic Community.
Join us on our mission to give individuals with Autism every opportunity, advantage, and “edge” possible in life.