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Autistic Sensory Overload Glasses

These claims have not been approved by the FDA.
We are still in development and testing and are not currently for sale.

We desire to give individuals with Autism every opportunity, advantage and "extra edge" possible in life


The Autistic brain has extreme difficulty Processing Information. As a result, a person with Autism may experience a myriad of secondary symptoms such as: sensory overload, spontaneous meltdowns, digestive tract issues, acid reflux, anxiety, brain pain, inflammation, insomnia, heightened sensitivity to sensations (including taste, visual stimulation, and touch), inability to differentiate between important sounds (like a parent calling their child’s name), inability to identify facial expressions, and difficulty interpreting information.

Currently, there is no cure for Autism. The only way to cope is by: screaming, crying, having a meltdown, running to a quiet or dark room, self-injury, injuring others, throwing objects, wearing noise cancelling earphones, stimming, taking anxiety medications, off-label anti-psychotic medications, antacids, over-the-counter pain medication, sleeping pills, avoiding sunlight, ABA Therapy, psychotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, taking chances on a variety of non-FDA approved therapies, and for some even suicide.


Autistalline is currently developing and testing eyeglasses that help the Autistic brain process information more easily. Current testers have reported increased feelings of calmness, an ability to come out of a meltdown easier, less feelings of annoyance, and an easier time riding in the car. None of these claims have been tested by the FDA yet.

We will be conducting Institutional Review Board approved Clinical Trials in 2020, publishing peer-reviewed research, and seeking FDA Approval. Our future plans include pursuing health insurance reimbursement, non-profit and education system partnerships, and government Autism program adoption, to ensure that everyone who wants an alternative to medication and ABA can receive one. 

We are a Montana based company located in Hamilton. If you're interested in volunteering to be a glasses tester, or are interested in joining our research efforts, please send us an email at hello@autistalline.com


in 2021

We are currently in development and testing